Peace of mind

By buying tea from Teasserie, you buy organically and sustainably grown tea from small scale farms around the world. You can sip a warm beverage at any time, knowing exactly where it came from.


Teasserie’s tea is made by hand in order to preserve the delicious taste of homegrown, artisan tea. You can taste the tradition of hard-working growers in every sip of this single-sourced tea.


The benefits that come with drinking tea are amplified when drinking Teasserie’s tea. This tea is produced without pesticides, GMOs, and other harmful substances that large scale tea monopolies often use. You can be confident that Teasserie tea is made with only the most natural and healthy methods and ingredients.


Not only is Teasserie’s tea wholesome and organically produced, the farmers that supply Teasserie make sure that their tea is sustainably grown. By buying from Teasserie, you take care of the environment, and you help these farmers to continue with their passion of growing traditional tea.