One of our goals is to help out tea growers around the world who are fighting against large tea estates to preserve local tea growing traditions.

Tea monopolies treat their workers poorly and provide their customers with low quality and inorganic tea that lacks the intrinsic flavor and health benefits that tea drinkers crave. However, small farm tea growers all over the world yearn to break away from the large scale manufacturing and desire to make tea as they have for hundreds of years.

The single sourced tea that Teasserie sells comes from sustainable and traditional farms around the world: Japan, Malawi, India, Nepal, China, Taiwan and Indonesia. These farms harvest their tea organically, restoring the incredible health benefits that drinking tea provides.

We hope that, by representing these small farmers in the United States’ tea market, we might benefit the consumer, by bringing high quality, healthy tea to our community, and we might benefit the producer, by helping these tea growers to preserve their traditions, and still provide for themselves and their families.