Our Story

Growing up in Poland, drinking tea was a vital part of life. I grew to love the tradition of drinking tea with every meal or conversation: it became an avenue to creating new friendships and strengthening familial connections. Upon immigrating to America, I considered it extremely important to bring my culture, and this tradition with me.

After moving however, I noticed that while an organic food revolution passed through the United States, one product remained processed and inorganic: tea.

Seeing how my husband, a coffee connoisseur, is passionate about harvesting the freshest and most aromatic coffee inspired me to pursue my passion with a hunt for artisan tea.

I reached out to trustworthy, small farms themselves, in order to find organic, hand-crafted tea, not only to provide better products for myself, or for consumers in the US, but also to recognize the tireless efforts by these hard-working farmers.

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Our community

Cultivating an experience that can be shared with family and friends.
Tea drinking is a culture that brings people together. At Teasserie, we hope to encourage you to build your own community and traditions … rich, memorable experiences centered on the simple yet exquisite ritual of tea preparation and drinking.

Tea has been consumed for centuries in Eastern cultures for its traditions as well as its many health benefits. With access to quality organically-grown teas, exposure to the joys and health attributes of tea has started to break through into the West.

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