Cultivating an experience that can be shared with family and friends

Tea drinking is a culture that brings people together. At Teasserie, we hope to encourage you to build your own community and traditions … rich, memorable experiences centered on the simple yet exquisite ritual of tea preparation and drinking.

Tea has been consumed for centuries in Eastern cultures for its traditions as well as its many health benefits. With access to quality organically-grown teas, exposure to the joys and health attributes of tea has started to break through into the West.

Today many of us are on a quest to live healthier, more meaningful lifestyles. We are more conscious about what we eat, getting back to the basics. We are starting to understand how our bodies are dependent on whole, natural food sources grown in pesticide-free soils rich in nutrients.

Experience the pure serenity that holding and sipping a cup of our artisan teas can bring. Share this pleasure with friends and family.


A trusted source

It’s true that we have better access to quality teas than ever before. Just as many of us want to know where our food is sourced, we believe the same should be asked of our tea. That’s why we are particularly conscientious about the origins and the growing conditions of the teas we sell.

Everyone should have access to all the benefits of tea grown in harmony with nature using health-promoting, sustainable farming practices.