Growing up in Poland, drinking tea was a vital part of life. I grew to love the tradition of drinking tea with every meal or conversation: it became an avenue to creating new friendships and strengthening familial connections. Upon immigrating to America, I considered it extremely important to bring my culture, and this tradition with me.

After moving however, I noticed that while an organic food revolution passed through the United States, one product remained processed and inorganic: tea.

Seeing how my husband, a coffee connoisseur, is passionate about harvesting the freshest and most aromatic coffee inspired me to pursue my passion with a hunt for artisan tea.

I reached out to trustworthy, small farms themselves, in order to find organic, hand-crafted tea, not only to provide better products for myself, or for consumers in the US, but also to recognize the tireless efforts by these hard-working farmers.


Anna Sadowski

The Pursuit of Single-Origin Teas

The enjoyment of drinking tea and the tea culture that surrounds it is our passion. Preserving the traditions of growing, harvesting, and drinking teas give us an exquisite pleasure, one we are drawn to share with you. We created this collection of single-origin teas as an expression of our deep immersion and dedication to ancient practices brought forth into the modern world.

From cultivation, to harvesting, to your cup, single-sourced teas give you, our tea drinkers a delightful quality that can be tasted. We have sourced tea leaves grown on individual estates by local farmers from all over the world… farmers who carefully and sustainably cultivate their soils and nurture their tea leaves to produce the best quality and flavor, reminiscent of tea’s historical origins. We are proud to acknowledge these farmers who are so deeply immersed in the growing traditions. They have developed their own tea variety creations, each with unique flavors, scented undertones, and health benefits.

Respecting the practices of these small estate growers and bringing their products direct to market helps provide them with a higher standard of living. Paying them a fair wage means they can compete with the larger tea estates and preserve their sustainable agriculture practices. That is how we are able to bring the highest quality teas to you.

Finding comfort in every cup

Teasserie’s offerings are an alternative to the common commodity of teas sourced from producers of relatively unknown origins… what most of us drink today. Our quest is to discover the finest quality teas from small trustworthy farmers. It is these motivations and the sense of wonder and discovery of the ancient growing practices and rituals that surround teas that truly fans the flame of our passion.

Come with us on this journey to explore artisan teas. Indulge your inquisitive palate. Put your hands around a hot cup of nature’s natural beverage. Take in the smells and sip the beautiful flavor profiles. Contemplate the serenity and peace that accompanies these organically grown tea leaves acquired from trusted single sources.

Our Mission

Our dedication is to developing a legacy as a trusted purveyor of quality, organically grown single-origin teas. We hope to enrich lives through the enjoyment and health benefits of quality teas as we support small family farms from all around the world… growers who work in harmony with nature, cultivating teas that are agriculturally safe and sustaining to nature.